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Mansaf cooking and eating experience in Karak

Cooking Mansaf (Cooked dry yogurt after diluting it in water with lamb meat and white rice sprinkled with roasted pine) the traditional food of Jordan and have it for lunch. Bookagri woman farmer will host clients at her back yard and will engage the group in cracking the big dry balls of Jameed (dry yogurt) to be soaked in water and dilute it by hand as the lamb meat is boiling on the stove. She will also tell them about the historical occasion of the story of Mansaf as the traditional dish in Karak and Jordan. It is said that King Meshaa of Mo’ab/ Karak, in 147 BC ordered the Mo’abites kingdom to cook sheep meat with its milk and eat it after he triumphed over the Israelis (his enemy at that time) who did not eat meat cooked with its’ mom milk. She will also tell them about the special occasions of cooking Mansaf like :1. Weddings; Mansaf is presented with the Sheep head in the middle of the big dish filled with rice or - in the past cooked- wheat with the head facing upwards.2. Mansaf is presented in sad occasions too, but this time the sheep head is faced downwards.3. Mansaf is presented to strangers and guests as means of welcome and hospitality. After listening to the story, clients will set together to enjoy eating Mansaf; the food they participated in cooking.