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Bookagri /Salt Full day tour package

Start the day with Manaqiesh pastry and Zaatar making experience and learn how to make it with the the local woman farmer at her home garden and have the pastry you make for breakfast. Experience making your own soap using natural herbs from the garden and Glycerine with another woman farmer at her home garden and enjoy tasting local preserved food and pickles. Experience making Jameed (dry yogurt for Mansef the traditional food of Jordan) starting from March - August. Experience bee keeping with the Beekeeper by putting on the Bee keeping suits and visiting the hives to see bees at work. Experience daily chores of a Jordanian farmer by Baking Saj bread, picking free range eggs, chase a chicken, milk a goat, feed a baby goat, ride the tractor and eat from land to table Jordanian food menu under the big old oak tree. Visit another local home to be introduced to their little garden and water harvest then have a hike in the woods to come back to the same home to have a little meal with tea and coffee. Last, visit the Kunafeh home to experience cooking it on wood fire and have it with coffee as you watch sunset.

PS. seasonality plays a role in this program, some other experiences may take place instead of other experiences according to weather conditions and season of plants or local produce.

Price is 40 JOD/ person in agroup of 13 and up

Price is 50 JOD /person in a group of 12 - 9

Price is 60JOD/person in a group of 8 - 6

Price is 70 JOD /person in a group of 5 and less

40 JOD