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Traditional Breakfast

Nothing beats a healthy meal to energize your body and start off your day with a big smile. The traditional homemade breakfast at Um Yazan’s will boost your energy levels and motivate you to hike a trail in the nearby forest. The views of green hills, colorful flowers and fruit trees will set you off to explore more activities in the village, or you can choose to sit back and relax your mind while sipping a cup of mint tea and enjoying the natural surroundings of her rural family home.

Duration: one hour

Price  is 25 JOD/Pax in a group of 2 people.

Price is  22 JOD/Pax in a group of 5 - 3 people.

Price is  20  JOD/Pax in a group of 10 - 5 people.

Price is  18  JOD/ Pax in group of 11-15 people.