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Forest Walk with Traditional Homemade Breakfast Experience in Balqa

Forest Walk with Traditional Homemade Breakfast Experience

Nothing beats a healthy meal to energize your body and start off your day with a big smile. The traditional homemade breakfast at a Bookagri farmer garden will boost your energy levels and motivate you to hike the trail in the nearby forest. The views of green hills, colorful flowers, and fruit trees (which are seasonal) will urge you to keep on walking to enjoy the villages of As-Salt. After breakfast and the easy walk, you can have the best glass of harvested natural rainwater that truly has the properties of natural water (no smell, taste, or color) or you can choose to sit back and relax your mind while sipping on a cup of mint tea and enjoying the natural surroundings of the rural family home.

Duration: 2h


JOD40 /person in a group of 1-2

JOD35 /person in a group of 3-5

JOD30 /person in a group of 6-10

JOD25 /person in a group of 11+

Price does not include transportation (transportation upon request).

Price includes the experience, tea, Arabic coffee, water, and the traditional homemade breakfast.

-Location: kindly, send us a message on WhatsApp +962 772236393.

-A guide is needed for Arabic and non-Arabic speakers. 

-Guides charge 50 JOD including tip.

-Please declare if you have any food allergies and bring your personal medication with you.

-Put on comfortable walking shoes and clothes and enjoy the experience.

-Suitable for ages 3+