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Ma’moul Baking

Ma’moul is a popular dessert made with semolina and stuffed with dates, pistachios or walnuts. Making this dessert is a popular family tradition that brings together women from the same family and their neighbours to join forces in producing the intricate Ma’moul. At Israa’s you will learn how this dessert is made and help mould its ingredients into perfect little treats that you can take home and share with your family and loved ones. The Ma’moul you make will be baked in the outdoor oven and you will get to taste it while sipping traditional Arabic coffee served with the genuine hospitality of this Jordanian family. The mouthwatering combination will make you experience the traditions of local holidays.

Duration: one hour

Price  is 20 JOD/Pax in a group of 2 people.

Price is 18 JOD/Pax in a group of 5 - 3 people.

Price is 16  JOD/Pax in a group of 10 - 5 people.

Price is 12 JOD/ Pax in group of 11-15 people.