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Beekeeping & Beeswax Making Experience in Jerash

Beekeeping & Beeswax Making Experience

Beekeeping is a very interesting activity and the true joy behind it lies in the knowledge of how the system of this great kingdom works. You will be astonished to know about their queen, female bees, male bees and the six products they make! The secrets of the bee kingdom are not fully discovered yet and this will leave you dazzled and make you dig deep in knowing more about bees when you go back home. With Bookagri beekeeper, you will get to experience the unique taste of Jordan’s local honey and learn about this thorough yet fun process. During this learning session, the beekeeper will let you try on a real beekeeping suit to visit the beehives and look at queen bee and her army at work. After the visit, the beekeeper will guide you through the simple steps of making a beeswax candle to take it as a souvenir, after which you will indulge in eating a local meal followed by beehive pie sweet with honey served with tea, Arabic coffee, and water.

Duration: 1h:45 m


JOD40 /person in a group of 1-2

JOD35 /person in a group of 3-5

JOD30 /person in a group of 6-10

JOD25 /person in a group of 11+

Price includes use of tools, putting on the beekeeping suit, the experience, beeswax candle, tea, Arabic coffee, water, traditional meal with beehive pie and honey tasting.

-Location: kindly, send us a message on WhatsApp +962 772236393.

-A guide is needed for non-Arabic speakers. 

-Guides charge 50 JOD including tip. (Kindly, send us a message on WhatsApp +962 772236393 if you need one)

-Please declare if you have any food allergies and bring your personal/allergy medication with you in case of a bee sting.

-Put on comfortable clothes and enjoy the experience.

-Suitable for ages 3+