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Straw plates, Barley coffee roast making and gardening experience in Karak

A native farming family from Karak, will welcome the group into their agricultural land by showing them how to roast and make healthy barley coffee. The group will be introduced into the importance of straw as a leftover of barley & wheat harvest and how it is used into making straw plates as traditional kitchen utensils.

Clients will be guided into making straw plates as they set in front of the farm’s porch after which they will learn about roasting barley coffee and hear the story behind the old innovation that they are bringing back to life. Coffee was an expensive commodity that the rich people could afford to buy, but to make it affordable to middle class and the poor, farmers used to roast barley and it to the roasted beans of coffee and grind them together to give volume to it and satisfy all customers. Barley coffee benefits are much healthier than coffee benefits any way!

The group will be handed with baskets to collect veggies or fruit to taste the organic produce which they can also buy according to seasonality in the farm.