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Karaki farmers’ daily chores & life

Experience the daily chores of a local farming family in Karak; like baking Arboud bread (whole wheat grain organic flour that is made into a big lump of dough and put straight into burning coal on the ground and covered with aches until baked) it is the farmers ancient way of baking before gas or electric stoves were present. Then milk a sheep and have a local organic Karaki breakfast that include Me’laq( goat or sheep liver and lungs cut into cubes and stir fried in ghee with little salt & pepper) as you overlook the Mujeb valley from Karak side. Explore the nearby abandoned village and ruins dating back to the ancient times of the Byzantines and Ottomans until 1930.  The village still show old ways of structure and still holds the story of the families who lived their once. The village shows where women farmers had their Taboon bread ovens that they used to bake bread early at 5:00 AM each day to feed their families. The smell of freshly baked bread was unforgettable since the morning breeze carried the smell over the Mujeb Valley to other far and nearby villages!

Dress up in Madraqa (the traditional dress of Karak) and take marvelous pictures across the Mujeb valley and have the most energetic and most delicious traditional sweet of Karak farmers that gave the strength to endure the cold and hardships in the agricultural fields to do their daily chores; Batchilie; minced dates that are stirred on fire with ghee, Halaweh (sesame paste) and mixed with roasted whole wheat flour,…it is a sweet to remember this experience  before saying goodbye!