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Olive harvest experience in Jerash

Olive Harvest Experience:

Experience picking olives with our Bookagri farmers starting from September until December of every year. You can pick the fresh olives and learn how to cure them the traditional way. The farmer will show you how to pickle a small jar of the fresh olives that you picked and that you can have. After which you can enjoy a beautiful traditional meal that has olives or olive oil as part of the main ingredient of each dish. Tea and Arabic coffee are presented with Zalbia sweet that is also fried in olive oil.

 Duration: 2 h


JOD40 /person in a group of 1-2

JOD35 /person in a group of 3-5

JOD25 /person in a group of 6-10

JOD20 /person in a group of 11+

Price does not include transportation (transportation upon request).

-Price includes the experience, tea, Arabic coffee, water, traditional meal.

-Location: kindly, send us a message on WhatsApp +962 772236393.

-A guide is needed for non-Arabic speakers. 

-Guides charge 50 JOD including tip. (Kindly, send us a message on WhatsApp +962 772236393 if you need one)

-Please declare if you have any food allergies and bring your personal/allergy medication with you in case.

-Put on comfortable clothes and enjoy the experience.

-Suitable for ages 3+