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Za’atar and Holiday Bread Making Experience in Balqa

Za’atar and Holiday Bread Making Experience

Learn about one of the most essential blends in the Mediterranean cuisine where Bookagri woman farmer will teach you the secrets of za’atar which is famous for its delicious taste and unique mix. You will get to taste all the ingredients of za’atar separately then the za’atar mix altogether to notice the difference! After that, you will wear Bookagri apron to make your own za’atar manaqiesh by spreading the fresh za’atar mixed with olive oil over the freshly prepared dough to be baked in the outdoor Arabic oven. The pastry of manaqiesh will make your mouth water and that is when you indulge yourself into eating what you have baked and drink a hot cup of tea in the outdoor garden or terrace. Likewise, Bookagri woman farmer will guide you on how to shape holiday bread over wooden molds and bake them in the outdoor Arabic oven to eat them as the local sweet of farmers. 

Duration: 1h:30m


JOD40 /person in a group of 1-2

JOD35 /person in a group of 3-5

JOD30 /person in a group of 6-10

JOD25 /person in a group of 11+

Price does not include transportation (transportation upon request).

Price includes the experience, tea, Arabic coffee, water, use of tools, manaqiesh za’atar and holiday bread.

-Location: kindly, send us a message on WhatsApp +962 772236393.

-A guide is needed for non-Arabic speakers. 

-Guides charge 50 JOD including tip. (Kindly, send us a message on WhatsApp +962 772236393 if you need one)

-Please declare if you have any food allergies and bring your personal/allergy medication with you in case.

-Put on comfortable clothes and enjoy the experience.

-Suitable for ages 3+