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Za’atar Manaqiesh and Holiday bread making experience

Spice up your day through learning about one of the most essential spice blends in Mediterranean cuisine. Bookagri women farmer's  will teach you the secrets of  Za’atar recipe  which stands out for its delicious taste. They will mix the dried thyme with sesame, sumac, roasted grinded wheat, roasted grinded chickpeas, olive oil,  grinded anis and  Jameed powder instead of Salt to come up with Zaatar blind. After you get to taste all the ingredients and the Zaatar blend, you will be asked to put on Bookagri apron to make your own Zaatar  Manaqieesh by spreading the Zaatar mixed with olive oil over the freshly prepared dough to be baked in the outdoor Arabic oven. The pastry of Manaqiesh will make your mouth water; that is the time when you indulge your self into eating what you have baked and have it with a great cup of tea in the outdoor garden or Terrassa.

Like wise they will guide you on shaping Holiday bread over the wooden molds and bake them in the outdoor Arabic oven to eat them as the local sweet of farmers. 

Duration: one hour

Price  is 20 JOD/Pax in a group of 2 people.

Price is 18 JOD/Pax in a group of 5 - 3 people.

Price is 16  JOD/Pax in a group of 10 - 5 people.

Price is 12 JOD/ Pax in group of 11-15 people.