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Za’atar Blending

Spice up your day through learning about one of the most essential spice blends in Mediterranean cuisine. Um Hasan will teach you the secrets of her Za’atar recipe  which stands out for its delicious taste. She will let you help in mixing the dried thyme with sesame and sumac, a blend that is then mixed with olive oil and spread on dough to be baked in her outdoor oven. During the process you will learn about the benefits of all the ingredients and see how sumac is extracted before being added to the mixture. During the spring season, Um Hasan will teach you about Khabeesah, a distinctive sweet made of ripe grapes that are dried under the sun. She will also offer you the opportunity to sip some mint tea and Arabic coffee in her outdoor gazebo while you decide on your shopping list from her homemade products.

Duration: one hour

Price  is 20 JOD/Pax in a group of 2 people.

Price is 18 JOD/Pax in a group of 5 - 3 people.

Price is 16  JOD/Pax in a group of 10 - 5 people.

Price is 12 JOD/ Pax in group of 11-15 people.