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Firewood Kunafeh

Enjoy the serenity of Abu Issa’s garden while breathing fresh air and observing the natural scenery, and watch your delightful host prepare his famous Kunafeh cooked on the oldest cooking fuel in the history of mankind. The mouthwatering taste of his special recipe will make you come back for more and bring along family and friends and share this joy. While waiting for Abu Issa’s Kunafeh to be ready you  can wonder in the garden, try the swings made by Abu Issa and have a cup of tea or coffee.

Duration: one hour

Price  is 25 JOD/Pax in a group of 2 people.

Price is  22 JOD/Pax in a group of 5 - 3 people.

Price is  20  JOD/Pax in a group of 10 - 5 people.

Price is  18  JOD/ Pax in group of 11-15 people.